After a successful career as a substance abuse counselor, debut author Elisabeth Scott put her psychology degree to use in a very different way by embarking on a homeschooling journey with her four wildly wonderful children. Recently, as her nest began to empty, her psychology training once again took her down a new path writing suspenseful thrillers. Imagination started to overflow, and girlish dreams became grown up realities with the completion of her first novel, Thirteen Scars. 


As an Army and Air Force mom, when she isn’t lost in creating twisted villains, Elisabeth is often found traveling to visit her kids, lost in someone else’s writing, or outside anywhere there is sunshine and water. Of course she is just as likely to be spotted washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning house, and complaining about not knowing what to cook for dinner. A mom is still a mom after all, even if she’s trying to tell stories for a living.