I'm an Author!

“Mom! You have a whole book!” My son’s words express exactly how I felt when I saw my cover art for the first time. To truly have an actual book with my name on the cover feels surreal. In a season where life has been comprised of way more hard knocks than happy times, I couldn’t help but stop and linger in the moment and soak up the pure awe. I’m an author. It seems pretentious to even say because I’m just a normal mom, but seeing that cover made it all so real. I’ve loved writing my whole life. Letters, cards, journals, songs, recipes, and stories, I love writing it all, but fiction has always been my favorite. I can’t express how appreciative I am for the opportunity to share my love of writing with you. I hope you get caught up in the tangled webs of suspense and fall in love with the people of Magnolia Ridge just like I did. Get ready, Thirteen Scars is coming soon!

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